SG Imagine - British National Champion

Born 2007
WH Justice × SG Hessta Shaklana (Essteem)

Color Grey

CA and SCID Clear

SG IMAGINE is an outstanding homebred son of WH JUSTICE. In 2012 he was awarded the highest accolade in the United Kingdom, when crowned British National Champion stallion. Stunning in motion, he was first time seen on the show circuit in 2009, garnering trophies and gathering fans along the way. His dam is one of Georgian Arabians precious World Champion ESSTEEM daughters, SG HESSTA SHAKLANA.

SG IMAGINE is tall and elegant with good limbs, a strongly made body and a smooth top line. He has a beautifully refined head, typically elfin like WH JUSTICE ears and very much IMAGINES own stamp is his large, soft expressive eyes.

Imagine's offspring an exciting stamp of their charismatic sire.


British National Champion Stallion 2012


SG Iyenga Image

Born 2012
SG Imagine - British National Champion × MB Dhakeena (Imperial Madheen)

Iyenga is an excitingly athletic young stallion a son of SG IMAGINE. He has a super balanced body and good bone. and on the move has carriage and elegance, that look at me factor - like father, like son. His dam the late INAYA BINT ATTICUS, was a Straight Egyptian mare and her mother by IMPERIAL MADHEEN. Inaya had noteably the most expressive blackcurrant eyes and SG IYENGA shares her beauty. He is the very last in a fine line of offspring and has huge potential as a breeding stallion.

Iyenga was backed in 2017 and proved in only a few weeks to be exceptionally talented. He loves the work, listens and performs and we have extremely high hopes for his future ridden career.

NB: Video coming shortly........  


SG Spirit of Essteem - British National Champion

Born 2003
Essteem × Malikeh El Sakeena (Maleik El Kheil)

CA and SCID Clear

This British National Champion son of World and Triple Crown Champion Essteem, is out of Maleik El Kheil daughter, Malikeh El Sakeena. SG Spirit of Essteem has sound conformation, a strong balanced body, with excellent limbs.

He has a special flamboyant charm and is consistantly producing athletic horses for performance and he himself has a classical elegance under saddle.

This year 2015 with rider Nicola Malcolm, Spirit added another huge acievement to his winning list becoming an open level endurance stallion.

British National Champion Junior Male & Reserve Supreme Champion 2004
British National Reserve Champion Junior Male 2005
British National Reserve Champion Novice Ridden Stallion 2008
Supreme Champion Arabian The Royal "C" Show 2009
Open level endurance stallion 2015


SG Midas Image

Born 2012
SG Imagine - British National Champion × SG Mara Jamaal (Jullyus JJ)

SG Midas Image was a stunner from the start. Sired by WH Justice son SG IMAGINE. Midas was the first offspring of our gorgeous mare SG Mara Jamaal out of Multi Champion LC Southern Majic and sired by Jullyus JJ a son of Scotsdale Champion Jullyen El Jamaal. 

This young stallion Midas is an exceptional breeding prospect with his bloodlines of Ali Jamaal on the one side and WH Justice the other. He has extreme type and is eyecatchingly pretty with a scoopy face and large expressive eye. Midas is not a tall stallion but has a good strong back and body and great attitude and presence on the move. Sure to be an impressive competitor in the show arena just as his BRITISH NATIONAL CHAMPION sire.  


Jullyus JJ

Born 2000
Jullyen El Jamaal × Glitter VF (Bey Shah)

CA and SCID Clear

Jullyus JJ is the sire of British National Champion ridden stallion SG Jeddah. He has immense type and presence and with his exquisite chiseled features, could be related to none other than the incomparable Ali Jamaal.

Jullyus is a smooth bodied well put together stallion. He is a pre-potent sire, who consistently produces offspring, not only a mirror of himself and beautiful to look at but beautiful of nature and every one, a natural athlete.

Jullyus JJ co-owned in partnership with Mrs Caroline Anderson.


SG Latif Ibn Liana

Born 2006
KZ Ibreez × Liana El Shaklan (El Shaklan)

CA and SCID Clear

SG Latif is of extreme type. He is the last son of the late Liana El Shaklan, a daughter of legendary El Shaklan. and his sire Straight Egyptian Al Maraam son, KZ Ibreez.

A fairy tale horse. Latif is pure white, he is classically bred, has good limbs, a well structured body and a beautifully smooth top line.

Latif, meaning in Arabic 'the gentle one' is a charmer in personality and all that his name describes.

Reserve Champion Stafford C Show 2009
Reserve Senior Male Champion Wales and West C Show 2010
Reserve Champion Stallion The Egyptian Event 2012










Egatist - Champion Stallion Horse of the Year Show

Born 2001
Artist × Egala (Grandorr)

Egatist is the son and heir of the famous Aswan son Artist. Known as the King of Georgian Arabians and who sadly in 2012 owner Susan George had to say goodbye. A magnificent stallion and sire with a formidible racing career in his youth. 

Egatist's dam was E line Polish mare Egala, out of Egina by Grandorr and all of her exceptional children, have extraordinary strength of body and mind.Recently Egatist's half brother SG Elegant by SG Spirit of Essteem became an Endurance Young Horse World Champion.

This exceptionally well made stallion Egatist has a handsome head and soft expression.He is eye catching and expressive on the move with superb paces covering much ground.

Egatist has a genuine temperement and has always been a joy to know and ride. A true athlete and versitile perfomance horse, he excells in many ridden disciplines. 

Credits include - Horse of the Year Show Champion Stallion 2009.

Egatist would be available to lease for breeding 2017 all enquiries welcome.....