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SG Midas Image

Born 2012
SG Imagine - British National Champion × SG Mara Jamaal (Jullyus JJ)

SG Midas Image was a stunner from the start. Sired by WH Justice son British National Champion SG IMAGINE. Midas is the first-born offspring of our gorgeous mare SG Mara Jamaal out of Multi Champion LC Southern Majic and sired by Jullyen El Jamal son Jullyus JJ. 

This young stallion has a good strong back and body and a combination in looks of his parents on both sides. He is of extremely typy and eyecatchingly pretty head with large expressive eyes. SG Midas has so far never been shown but like his dam and grand dam before him, he has great attitude and presence on the move and is sure to impress. 


SG Just Martha

Born 2014
SG Just Djude × Malikeh El Sakeena (Maleik El Kheil)

Color Chestnut

SG Just Martha has a charming independant character but is willing to please on every level. Martha is well conformed, with a good structured balanced body and level top line. She is smaller than expected from her famiy bloodlines but best things often come in small packages and with out doubt, standing at 13,3 hands she has all that beauty has to offer. She is rich in colour with a flowing flaxen mane and sees herself as a magnificent show pony with snort and blow and effotless acion on the move. 



SG Anoushka

Born 2013
SG Latif Ibn Liana × G Akushla (Artist)

Color Grey

Endurance prospect SG Anoushka (seen here on the right of chestnut best friend Martha) is a lovely youngster, with a great structure, strength of body and limbs. She moves with an elevated trot with length of stride and in motion is full of personality and vibrance. She has two half sisters, one SG Grace and Gratitude and the other SG Anesstasia.This special mare sold several years ago has become an enormus success story in the world of endurance. In July 2015 owner/rider Jo Gibson and SG Anesstasia won for the second year running the 100 km at Cirencsester Park. As our gorgeous SG Anoushka matures, its becomng more and more evident that she too is destined for a life of performance.  


SG Indiana Bint Ibreez

Born 2006
KZ Ibreez × Inaya Bint Atticus (The Atticus)

 Straight Egyptian mare SG Indiana is an Imperial Madheen granddaughter out of the late Inaya Bint Atticus. She was an outstanding foal and has retained her classic type and beauty. Indiana has exceptional expressive eyes and a shapely defined head with lovely length of neck that she uses beutifully on the move. She has her dam's structure and body, a level back and croup and good dense bone. Her sire KZ Ibreez an exotic chestnut stallion by Al Maraam was on lease to Georgian Arabian for several years.The breeding potential of this exitic straight Egyptian mare is an exciting prospect for any descerning breeder.


SG Eshan Image

Born 2013

Color Grey

Breeding Purebred Arabian

This gorgeous 3 year old colt is a mirror of his father SG Imagine at this age. His dam is a daughter of Straight Egyptian stallion KZ Ibreez, SG Ebreea out of the late E line Polish mare Egala. Eshan has type and style with a strong well put together frame a smooth body and top line. He has good legs and plenty of bone and moves flamboyantly with an extravagant impressive length of stride. He has an extremely gentle nature and charms all who meet him andis a showman through and through....


SG Portia

Born 2005
Jullyus JJ × Paleogeia (Gwizd)


Portia is the last in the line of offspring out of a sensational Georgian Arabians broodmare,the late Paleogeia a daughter of Gwizd. Portia's Dam was purchased in the year of the famous Gucci sale in the United Kingdom.She had a host of children and was also a show mare of incredible quality and a Multi Champion in her day.

This daughter SG Portia, has something special about her, with her huge expressive eyes, gentle nature and willing to please attitude. Her sire is Jullyus JJ and she has taken the best attributes of both Father and Mother's bloodlines. She is strong in the body with excellent conformation and a lovely length of neck. Which she uses on the move to create a picture of immense type.



SG India

Born 2009
SG Indigo × Haiti Shaklana (MA Alishah)

Color Grey

This beautiful powerfully made mare has a place in all our hearts, not only for her extremely gentle nature but her wilingness to perform at the drop of a hat. She moves with effortless stride and would be a great proposition for under saddle competition in any discipline in particular endurance as her stamina is extraordinary yet her disposition, gentle and laid back. India's bloodlines are of exceptional historic quality, the legendary El Shaklan on the dam side and Ruminaja Ali on the sire and half sisters include gorgeous SG Vienna Image and SG Hon Fleur image. India's dam Haiti Shaklana is also one of Georgian Arabians finest and most treasured broodmares.   


SG Mistral

Born 2002
Borneo × Malikeh El Sakeena (Maleik El Kheil)

SG MISTRAL is a daughter of Spanish National Champion BORNEO, who Georgian Arabians had the pleasure of standing for just a season. Her dam is the gorgeous Maleik El Kheil daughter the late, Maleikeh El Sakeena, mother also of SG SPIRIT OF ESSTEEM.

MISTRAL is a lovely looking mare with a pretty head, huge eye a strong body with good limbs and plenty of bone. She has a  powerful effortless action and looks a picture under saddle. This beautiful little lady would make a young persons life time  partner/riding horse with her fabulous nature of kindness. She has produced some beautiful offspring including ridden gelding SG Mikado (photographed in the gallery) and is seen here with her 2008 colt foal by SG Imagine.


SG Enigma Image

Born 2015
(KZ Ibreez)

Color Grey

Can not enthuse enough about this little guy SG Enigma by SG IMAGINE out of SG EBBREA. He is fantastic prospect for future ridden endurance and the wait for him to mature will be so worth while.His grand dam the late Egala is the mother of SG Elegant who became an FEI young horse World Champion in 2016. Enigma is a superbly made and well balanced in structure, he was a stunner from the offset, arriving in this world already a complete package with his pretty face and large eye. He moves just like his sire with effortless stride and elevated action and loves to be noticed, a true showman.

SG Enigma is in work every day and he is not only a fast learner but loves every moment. He is now ready to find the right partner in a performance rider, someone who will cherish his sweetnes and going forward hopefully allow him to mirror the career of his exceptionally talented brothers and sisters.


SG ELGIN..... 


SG Isadore Bint Bedawi

Born 2011
Bedawi Al Rayyan × Inaya Bint Atticus (The Atticus)

Color Bay

This Straight Egyptian mare has bloodlines steeped in history. She is a rich bay daughter of the late, strikingly pretty, Inaya Bint Atticus, whose dam MB Dhakeena was sired by Imperial Madheen and Inaya's sire was black stallion The Atticus, by The Minstril. SG Isadora's father Bedawi Al Rayyan, is owned by Delyth Gamlin and this magnificent grey stallion is from the Al Rayyan family.

Isadore is a well bodied mare, incredibly powerful on the move with an exotic Egyptian look and a huge dark expressive eye. 


SG Stella Image

Born 2012
SG Imagine - British National Champion × SG Esscada (Essteem)

Color Grey

Stella is a daughter of SG Esscada by World Champion stallion Essteem and we are lucky enough to have full sibling sisters, sired by SG Imagine. SG Chanel Image is chestnut and the older and Stella is grey and 3 years.

Stella has showmanship in every exotic stride, her tail like her dams, sits permenantly over her back and she adores showing off and high blowing for fun. She is beautifully put together with a strong well balanced well structured frame. She like all Imagines children, are look a like and Stella has taken the best attributes and especially charismatic presence of both sire and dam.


SG Anya Image

Born 2011
SG Imagine - British National Champion × G Akushla (Artist)

SG ANYA IMAGE is pretty chestnut mare out of Russian/Egyptian cross G AKUSHLA her sire is SG IMAGINE.

Anya has a super well conformed body and good limbs and moves with power and cadence in every stride. This mare has been something special from birth, with her sweet nature and ability to please. She was born for performance and will make an excellent prospect for endurance. Her dam G Akushla out of the imcomparable race horse Artist, produced half sister to Anoushka, SG Annesstasia by WORLD CHAMPION stallion ESSTEEM. This mare is a recognised name in the world of endurance and with owner/rider Jo Gibson over the last few years has brought home incredible results, including winning two years in a row the Denbigh Slate Ride at Cirencester 100Km.

For certain SG Anya Image will one day be following in her sisters fabulous footsteps. 


SG Biata Image

Born 2013
SG Imagine - British National Champion × G Baryshnia (Artist)

Color Chestnut

This beautiful young mare was born out of our famous halter show mare, multi Champion G Baryshnia and is sired by British National Champion stallion SG Imagine. Biata has charisma and a trot just like her mother with a high up off the ground action and extremely showy presence. Her half sister is in the endurance world and we can see a career for athletically built SG Biata in the same field. She has a beautiful face and good length of neck, for good length of reign, an excellent stucture of body and bone and with her gleaming chestnut coat and flaxen mane Biata will always stand out in a crowd.