The end of an era, penned by Susan George...

Over 25 years of breeding the Arabian purebred, Simon and I hosted many a showcase at Georgian Arabians, for our delight and audiences who came in their droves to share with us their love of horses. There are many amazing moments to remember; the time when Spirit of Esteem was presented teasing mare SG Isscia in the arena, how she got away from the handler and how incredibly well mannered Spirit was, presented with a mare running rings around him and I remeber my commentatiing words. "That I might soon be saying, this live covering is coming to you from Georgian Arabians!!!!" 

The time when black stallion SG Indigo (always a crowd pleaser) was showing off his magnificent paces while snapping up an entire palm tree in his mouth and holding it high in the air for his glory moment. The quadrille that began so professionally, until Sparky George decided to head in the opposite direction from all others, causing momentary chaos.!! The emotional moments so many, when Georgian Arabians Foundation mare Luzhana (dressed in authentic Egyptian costume) led her beautiful offspring around the arena with foal at foot SG Boranya to the music of "Lady in Red"

The little girl from the disabled riding school who fell in love on her visit and the smile on her face when she presented me with a bouquet of spring flowers, a moment I'll not forget. The fun and calamities behind the scenes and all the wonderful support from my team, headed up for years by my stud manager Kate Benson.

Our housekeeper Ann and her extraordinary food fare, made to match the season. Nikki, Mandy and Kyle washing and preparing horses for days prior to the event, while Gwenda exercised ridden horses. Simon painting walls and me running ragged planting flowers and making final touches the day before, all such evocative memories of such special times gone by.      

A best of best memory in 2010 when our renownedly famous stallion Artist turned 30 and Simon and I carried out a cake and we all sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY. That year I made a tearful speech about Georgian Arabians, the realisation of a dream and how one man's love and support had made everything possible. How could I ever have imagined what was to be.....

Life, saw irrevicable change after loosing Simon but I continued to pursue all the Georgian Arabians plans we had begun together that have since come to fruition and I know would make him proud.

In 2017 I surprised myself and others by accepting an offer to return to the screen for the BBC hit series The Real Marigold Hotel and spent a month filming in India. It was with out doubt a life time experience that renewed my spirit for adventure and the outcome, the opportunity to return to my former career.

I am not giving up Georgian Arabians on the contrary, only recently have begun a new venture at the farm in the form of WE SELL DREAMS a progect designed to put horses and people together and our website went live this week.

We will be hosting another showcase in June 2020 and offering the opportunity to purchase a few precious mares, stallions, their offspring, horses that have given us so many smiles over 25 years and for every horse sold on that day a percentage of proceeds will go to my important charity helping to support the lives of those living with the cruel disease of cancer - LASTING LIFE THE SIMON MACCORKINDALE LEGACY.

My hope, that potential clients of We Sell Dreams will find their perfect partner within our stables, take pride in our horses and all that the stud farm has achieved and become a part of our extended family continuing to promote the legacy of Georgian Arabians for years to come. I see this year 2020 as the end of one incredibly exciting and memorable era and the begginning of a new....... 


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