SG Imagine - British National Champion

Born 2007

Color Grey

WH Justice × SG Hessta Shaklana

CA and SCID Clear

SG IMAGINE is an outstanding homebred son of WH JUSTICE. In 2012 he was awarded the highest accolade in the United Kingdom, when crowned British National Champion stallion. Stunning in motion, he was first time seen on the show circuit in 2009, garnering trophies and gathering fans along the way. His dam is one of Georgian Arabians precious World Champion ESSTEEM daughters, SG HESSTA SHAKLANA.

SG IMAGINE is tall and elegant with good limbs, a strongly made body and a smooth top line. He has a beautifully refined head, typically elfin like WH JUSTICE ears and very much IMAGINES own stamp is his large, soft expressive eyes.

Imagine's offspring an exciting stamp of their charismatic sire.


British National Champion Stallion 2012

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