SG Hon Fleur Image

Born 2012

Color Grey

Breeding Purebred Arabian

SG Imagine - British National Champion × Haiti Shaklana

Fleur is another daughter of British National Champion, SG Imagine, with all of his magical type and elegance. In two consecutive years Georgian Arabians were lucky enough to have two daughters out of Haiti Shaklana (MA Alishah × Halina Shaklana (Kerrilyn Ibn Amir) sired by Imagine.  

This young mare Fleur has something about her and all the showy attitude needed to turn heads but its her breeding potential that is the value here as her dam has proven time and time again.The golden cross of bloodlines Spanish and Egyptian, has created a legacy at our stud farm that began with the gift of the late Halina Shaklana and for that I will always be grateful to dear friend Delyth Gamlyn Brown. 

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