SG Beja Jamaal

Born 2010

Jullyus JJ × G Baryshnia

This young mare is a daughter of Multi Champion Mare, G BARYISHNIA (Artist x Buhara (Moment). After a successful show career, we retired her mother from the ring several years ago and have since bred some treasured offspring.  As a junior mare G BARYSHNA took a third prize at the World Championships in Paris and proved the versitilty of our breed, excelling in both halter and ridden disciplines adjacently. Beja’s sire is JULLYUS JJ a son of Scottsdale Champion Stallion, JULLYEN EL JAMAAL.

This flea bitten grey mare with dreamy eyes is tall and stretchy with a well-conformed body and a super length of neck. She has a long way to go to full maturity but looks so similar to that of her dam, at this age. BEJA has her Russian mother's movement with elevation and power but with her placid gentle temperament, would be a great prospect for top class ridden showing or endurance. She has a full sister in SG Biata Image a chestnut daughter of SG Imagine (see filly page for details) only one of these sisters are offered for sale, not both.



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