Safiy is a son of the late Halina Shaklana and the last in an amazing breeding line. He has his dam’s stamp all over him. He is a tall, scopy chestnut gelding with a lovely head and long length of neck. He has good strong limbs and is an impressively athletic mover, with cadence in every stride. The personality of this very tall boy is kind and willing and with the right partner he will be not only a great competition horses but a true and loyal friend.

In this respect he takes after his BRITISH NATIONAL CHAMPION sire, SG Spirit of Essteem. This young gelding Safiy has all of life in front of him and we are certain an exciting career awaits. 


SG Spirit of Essteem - British National Champion Essteem Fame VF Bey Shah
Espressa El Shaklan
China Moon
Malikeh El Sakeena Maleik El Kheil El Shaklan
Shahmir Mudir
Halina Shaklana Kerrilyn Ibn Amir Amir El Shaklan El Shaklan
T Naazifah Simeon Sa'ar
Hagunia Jabalpur Zancudo
Iama Tabal
Comedia II