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Georgian Arabians home to some of the finest World Class Arabian horses.


Owner/breeder Susan George known for an illustrious International film career, has been a horse lover practically all her life and Georgian Arabians clients come from all parts of the globe to see the results of her visionary 25 year breeding program.


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SG Imagine

British National Champion Stallion 2012

by WH Justice out of SG Hessta Shaklana (Essteem)




Enigmatic World Champion stallion ESSTEEM, took up residency at Georgian Arabians for two years, to become cornerstone of an influential breeding program producing a core of powerful well structured mares. The vision then was  to find the ultimate (refined in type) stallion, to breed them with and along came WH JUSTICE.

The combination of this exquisite stallion and homebred ESSTEEM daughter, SG HESSTA SHAKLANA produced stallion SG IMAGINE. Who among other titles was awarded the United Kingdoms most prestigeous prize BRITISH NATIONAL CHAMPION STALLION in 2012. 

SG Imagine's first foal crop were all impressive fillies and in 2014 black daughter SG VIENNA IMAGE, joined the presigious line up of BRITISH NATIONAL CHAMPIONS.


Below she describes her feelings for the Arabian Purebred.... 


Its a given that Arabian horses are beautiful to look at but they are so much more. Their powerful presence once seen, never forgotten as they move like the wind tails held high in effortless motion. As a breed they are often described as temperemental and highly strung which I challenge on every level as a misconception of their indomnitable spirit, incredible comunicative character and above all intelligence!!

The athletic ability of this breed of horse is unquestionable and the value of their strength and stamina, second to none in competitive endurance.

To doubters I say, please dont judge the Arabian horse on what you might have heard, visit us at Georgian Arabians and witness their magic and true beauty of mind and spirit, see for yourselves........




Susan and Simon

She describes as her one in a million husband! 

In the year 2010 Susan lost her beloved husband Simon MacCorkindale after a seven year battle with cancer and in 2016 launched a charity in his name Lastinglife.org.uk 

In life they were the perfect couple and all who knew them touched by their spirit and extraordinary love for one another. Adventurers, pioneers, believers - they were a dynamic duo. Susan continues to build on the plans and dreams they had once shared and the success of Georgian Arabians she says, is born out of Simon’s passion, courage, strength and tenacity with out whom none of it would have been achievable.  





Triple Crown Champion - Essteem

The Cornerstone of a remarkable breeding programme


British National Sire of the year 2004. 

In the year 2000 Georgian Arabians welcomed the arrival of charismatic Triple Crown Champion ESSTEEM to the United Kingdom and the stud farm. In residence for two years, his time there had a profound influence on the breeding programme. He became its cornerstone and his kind and supreme presence was unforgettable in the form of a legacy of exceptional offspring.Susan's love for this enigmatic stallion was absolute. She felt that his superb structure, body and limb would assist in her long term vision of a breeding programme and foundation of substantially made mares.

2004 saw the arrival of the first Georgian Arabian ESSTEEM progeny on the show circuit and yearling colt SG SPIRIT OF ESSTEEM surpassed every expectation that year, when honored with the title of British National Champion Junior Male and Reserve Supreme of the British National Show.




 Like father like son 

SG Spirit of Essteem

British National Junior Male Champion 
British National Reserve Supreme Champion of the Show. British National Reserve Champion and British National Reserve Champion Novice ridden. 

 SG Spirit of Essteem is sire of many successful sport and performance horses and after his amazing ribboned career recently begun a new path, on the worlds endurance stage.

In 2015 his first season, he became a grade one stallion and was awarded two medals and a qualification to open level.His son SG Elegant has this year jus completed an FEI 2 star race,120km at Kings forest and qualified for young horse World Championships in the South of France this September 2016.  







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